The digital revolution echoes through the recording industry. Only 10 years ago one needed substantial investments to equip a multitrack studio. The personal computer made things easier.

But: to make a recording sound right we are still dependent on a number of pheripheral conditions, like the room and the monitoring.

IPSIS Acoustics designs tracking and control rooms according to the highest standards. IPSIS not only advices professional studio’s but also semi-professional and project studio’s.

Designing studio's includes:

Sound isolation
Keeping outside sound outside and inside sound inside the building. IPSIS calculates soundreducing properties of constructions and instructs using drawings and text how constructions have to be realized. Using these data a contractor can make an offer.


S&K Studio's, Doetinchem (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring) De studio van Vandenberg-bassist Dick Kemper

Beverly Beat Studio's, Winterswijk (geluidsisolatie, monitoring) Marcel Kramer en Willem te Voortwis, muziek voor talloze commercials, films, jingles etc

Baby Record Studio's, Winterswijk (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring) Marcel Kramers opnamestudio

Rooftop Studio, Enschede (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring) Edwin van Hoevelaaks opnamestudio, oa Grad Damen, Borsato etc

Rooftop Studio, Holten (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring)

Roy's Kitchen Studio, Kotten. De studio waar Bert Heerink zijn projecten opneemt. (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring) Roy’s kitchen, Kotten

Eerste Winterswijksche Muziekfabriek, Winterswijk (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie), studio van Willem Sprick, Bertus Staigerpaip en Zingende Fresia’s

Gordon Groothedde, Zutphen, (masteringroom, geluidsisolatie) producer Jovink, Intwine, the Sheer, Beth Hart, Goden Earring etc etc

Guitarnetics, Aalten (controleruimte, opnameruimte, geluidsisolatie, monitoring) studio/muziekschool van Jan-Wilm Tolkamp, gitarist Bert Heerink, Dilana Smith, etc etc

John te Dorsthorst, Didam, Bonaparte

Rene Hissink, Gaanderen, Les Cigalle

Marlon Wolterink, Meddo

Caesar's Palace, Arnhem, studio van Frans Bauer-producer Norus Padidar
Henk Berenschot Audio, Winterswijk, arrangeur SONY Borsato, Albers etc.

Emastering, Arnhem Erwin Maas'mastering studio, oa Frans Bauer, Mariane Weber, etc.

The Prison, Aalten, Studio van Ben Hoftijzer, oa 16 Down, Baltazar, Mailman John, Poundcake etc

Alternator Belgium, floating concrete constructions and other soundisolation